City of Belleville
44,000 +
Explore the Belleville population's age demographic.
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Economic Development
agency iconKnowing the age makeup of its citizen's helps the City of Belleville allocate resources for the greatest benefit.
Public Parks
View a map of Belleville's Parks and Facilities
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Parks and Recreation
agency iconBelleville Parks and Recreation is committed to wholesome, family oriented recreation in a fiscally responsible manner that interprets the culture and history of the community while expanding recreation opportunities in a healthy and safe environment for all generations of city residents.
Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers
A map of Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers in Belleville.
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Division of Health Care Facilities and Programs
agency iconAssuring the quality of our food, setting the standards for hospital and nursing home care, checking the safety of recreation areas, overseeing the inspection of milk producing farms and processing plants, maintaining the state's vital records and screening newborns for genetic diseases are just some of the duties of Illinois Department of Public Health.
Business Establishments
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US Census
agency iconIn an effort to attract new business development and growth to Belleville as well as assist existing firms to expand thereby increasing the local tax base and further providing job opportunities, the Belleville, Illinois City Council has established several programs to provide various financial incentives and inducements.