URL: https://data.illinois.gov/dataset/d7533c19-c6ca-4795-91a9-8371c98adef0/resource/bd8b1c08-d453-4fd1-be19-ac3d989515c8/download/pbrad-longivhq_communications_download_instructions.txt

* It is recommended that you use a browser other than IE to download these files. If using IE please be aware of an issue when downloading where IE will attempt to use the previous file name thus potentially overwriting previous downloaded files from this group. ***

Here are the Instructions for downloading and unzipping IVHQ_Communications information.

  1. Download the file “IVHQ_Documents” (File 1 of 7).

  2. Click on “Explore” button to the right of this file.

  3. This will provide you with the following options (“Preview” or “download”)

  4. Click “download”

  5. Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for each of the following 6 files titled

    a. “IDVQ_Documents_File2” (File 2 of 7)

    b. “IDVQ_Documents_File3” (File 3 of 7)

    c. “IDVQ_Documents_File4” (File 4 of 7)

    d. “IDVQ_Documents_File5” (File 5 of 7)

    e. “IDVQ_Documents_File6” (File 6 of 7)

    f. “IDVQ_Documents_File7” (File 7 of 7)

  6. Once these seven (7) files are all downloaded on your computer double-click on the file titled “IVHQ_Documents.zip”

  7. This will produce two folders titled "IVHQ_Documents_Part_1" and "IVHQ_Documents_Part_2" which will contain all the files described in the description for the "IVHQ_Communications.

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