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  • Budget vs Actual

    Budget vs. Actual information from the City's Financial system. Each row of this dataset is a unique combination of fiscal year and accounting string.
  • Urbana Police Traffic Stops

    The information is the same data transmitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) with two additions: the "Motivation for Stop", and the offense codes recorded....
  • Urbana Police Stop Sheets

    Stop Sheet results from the City of Urbana, since the Stop Sheet collection began in 2016. Not all Stop Sheets are submitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation...
  • Urbana Police Incidents

    Police incidents since 1988. Dates before that are incomplete - and could be data entry errors. Some addresses will not appear on maps because streets no longer exist or are not...
  • Urbana Police Arrests

    Arrests by the Urbana Police Department since 1988, with arrestee demographic data. Only the home city of the arrestee is available for mapping.
  • IACA FY20 Grants 3rd Quarter

    Grants to Illinois artists and arts organizations in FY2020, 3rd quarter.
  • IACA FY19 Grants

    Grants to Illinois artists and arts organizations in FY2019
  • Winnebago County Permits

    This dataset has no description

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